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Choosing where you get your vehicle repaired after an accident isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You are legally entitled to decide where it gets repaired, by who, and ensuring you know the quality and source of the parts and paint used. Remember: It’s Your Car, Your Choice.

If your car is repairable after a collision, you’ll want to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as you can.

But more importantly, you’ll want the repairs to be done to the highest standards to ensure your car doesn’t lose its value.

This concept is called ‘Restoring the Car to it’s Pre-Loss Condition’.

Here are three incredible guarantees you will get if you use a NIBA member.

1. Access to experienced body shop specialists.

NIBA members are experienced local body shop specialists.

Members of NIBA are professional, fully-qualified and are among the best in the industry.

And they’re independent too.

That independence means they aren’t going to be manipulated or controlled by insurance companies looking for the cheapest, quickest repairs.

NIBA members don’t focus on what an insurer wants or recommends.

Their sole focus is to look after you and to complete a repair job based on quality and professionalism – not on being ‘cheap’ or ‘cutting-costs’.

They’ll be able to advise you on how to proceed, and on your rights, and can help you navigate your dealings with an insurer.

You’ll also want to make sure repairs don’t include replacing original parts with replica parts that go against the car manufacturer’s recommendations.

That’s why Northern Ireland Body shop Alliance members offer quality, reliable repairs that are guaranteed to have you back out on the road safely and with your car in excellent condition.

We don’t cut corners and will always recommend the use of original equipment manufacturer- parts when repairing cars.

You’ll want your car back as soon as possible, and that’s why we make sure to keep you informed with progress updates if necessary.

2. Hassle-free service suited to your individual needs.

We know that you’re busy and want things done with minimal fuss.

And for your convenience, we can offer services such as collecting your vehicle from a location of your choice.

When we’ve got your car looking spick and span we’ll even deliver it back to your home to save you having to arrange taxis or alternative transport.

3. Peace of mind that we’ll look after your car.

You and your car deserve the best.

NIBA members pride themselves on our transparent, reliable approach to repairs.

Our membership is predominately made up of owner-managed bodyshops with an emphasis on friendly local customer service, advice and quality.

You’ll enjoy peace of mind that all NIBA repairers are fully qualified, widely respected professionals with decades of experience in providing top-class repairs.

NIBA members also provide a comprehensive warranty for parts, paint and workmanship.

NIBA is a collective of independent repairers operating in the car and light commercial vehicle market in Northern Ireland. If you need help with vehicle repairs, click HERE.

Get a quick quote today by clicking HERE.



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