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Keyless car theft warning – New tech makes stealing cars an easy task for carjackers

Do you drive a keyless car?

It really is so easy to just hop in your car push a button and drive off – but what does this mean for the safety of your car with new wireless technology?

Provisional figures from the National Police Chiefs Council show a 3.1% increase between May 2021 and June 2021 in vehicle crime.

What is Keyless car theft?

Many modern cars have key fobs that allow you to open the car remotely and start the engine without turning a key in the ignition.

If you have the key in your pocket, you can simply walk up to the car, get in and drive off without touching the key or turning any locks.

What is keyless car theft?

Keyless car theft involves criminals, sometimes working in teams, using a gadget that pretends to be your car’s key, in order to gain access and even start the car.

With these hi-tech gadgets even some of the most secure vehicles can be accessed and driven away quietly without your knowledge.

As fast as manufacturers try to develop ways to strengthen the security systems in vehicles, thieves are working just as hard to crack them.

This is a much easier way than breaking into your house to steal the keys.

We would urge drivers to take precautions against this type of car theft by storing their keys in a metal tin or better still in a Faraday case. For less than £10 these cases can stop your key broadcasting its signal and will keep your car safe where you left it. Remember to also store your spare key in a pouch too.

It could be the best £10 you will ever spend.

Article by Road Safe NI.

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