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It would be hard not to notice the increase in the number of people of all ages who are walking as part of their daily exercise, during the COVID-19 lockdown. Road Safe NI Charity is concerned with how many are wearing headphones which leave them unable to hear approaching traffic. They would encourage everyone to keep the volume low on their headsets or even use in one ear only. It may save your life.

Inspector Rosie Leech from PSNI Road Policing commented:

“Increasingly more pedestrians of all ages are taking their daily exercise across all times of the day and night, however, it is apparent that many are not following the safety advice in the Highway Code. Where there’s no footpath, walk on the right facing the oncoming traffic, wear conspicuous coloured clothing (Hi-viz) and please pay attention. This will include keeping children and animals under control and using headphones or earphones sensibly – hearing an approaching vehicle is just as important as seeing it.”

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