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Shopping local has always been an important feature of the community spirit in Northern Ireland where ‘people buy from people’. The pandemic and Brexit have increased this demand for goods and services to be bought from someone you know and trust rather than a big corporation only interested in the profits for anonymous shareholders.

Shopping local for an independent Northern Ireland car repairer is just one example and offers a host of benefits for you, your vehicle and your local economy.

These small local businesses are owned by your neighbours, your friends and your relations.

And they go the extra mile to make sure the completion of work is of the highest standards.

Here are four reasons why shopping local is one of the best things you can do.

1. Local businesses are the backbone of our community.

When you shop local for your car body repairs, you’re not just supporting a local man or woman with an income.

You’re ensuring mortgages are paid, that people have jobs and financial security.

And you’re also paying towards training up the next generation of car body specialists, through special training programmes and apprenticeships.

You’re also providing full-time and part-time jobs for local people, who will spend their salaries in other local businesses.

2. Peace of mind that your car will be looked after.

Local independent Northern Ireland bodyshop repairers care about you and take pride in their work.

After being involved in a collision, you’ll want to speak to someone friendly, reliable and someone who has your best interests at heart.

The beauty of shopping local for a body shop repairer is that your repairer is working solely for you.

They’re not under any pressure from insurance companies that want to cut corners by using cheaper parts or inappropriate repair methods..

They take pride in our work, and will make sure work that you get the repairs tht you need.

Remember, it’s your vehicle, your choice.

3. Quality repairs from experienced professionals.

The Northern Ireland Bodyshop Alliance (NIBA) have a membership of independent repairers across Northern Ireland who have decades of experience.

They’ve seen and repaired just about every single vehicle issue you can think of.

All members of NIBA are fully-qualified and are amongst the best in the country.

And their independent repairer’s professionalism means you can expect guaranteed results that are completed with you in mind.

4. A friendly, supportive advocate to guide you through the process.

After being involved in a collision, Northern Ireland motorists experience a wide range of emotions.

And the last thing they need is to be overwhelmed with insurance jargon and demands from insurers.

But by using an independent local repairer, you will be advised on how to proceed and on your rights.

They will help you navigate a sometimes unnecessarily challenging process.


NIBA, is a collective of independent repairers operating in the car and light commercial vehicle market in Northern Ireland. If you need help with vehicle repairs contact us today.

Get a quick quote today.


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