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There are around 7,000 breakdowns in the UK every day, and while there are worse places to break down than at your home, we’re here to guide you through it.

You jump into your car, turn the ignition and nothing happens.

It’s a scene played out every day in Northern Ireland, regardless of whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.

And it can happen whether you’re in a 1990 run-around car or a brand new £70,000 car.

So what should you do immediately when your car has a home breakdown?

Follow these three simple steps.

1. Try and understand what the problem is.

Unless you’re a mechanic, you won’t necessarily know how to diagnose a car issue.

But using your eyes, ears, and smell might uncover the problem.

If any warning lights appear on the dashboard, write down the warning signs and text and also take a picture of them on your smartphone.

When you turn the ignition, what happens? Is there a grinding noise? A rattling noise?

Listen to the sounds your car makes; a lot of car issues give away telltale signs by the sounds they make.

Your sense of smell can also narrow down the issues. For example, if you smell petrol or diesel, it might indicate fuel tank issues.

If you smell rotten eggs, it could be a failed catalytic converter.

And even the smell of burnt paper can be a clue that your clutch is on its way out.

The most important thing to do is to look, smell and listen for any signs as this might help resolve the issues quickly and allows Granite Breakdown to send the correct recovery team to your home.

2. Prepare for breakdown recovery.

If you’re confident you’re going to need breakdown recovery, then start preparing.

Do you have a mechanic you use all the time?

If so, Google their name and address and contact details.

That means when our recovery team come to the rescue, we’ll know where to take your car.

If it’s out of hours, it’s polite to try and call your mechanic to let them know about the situation and to expect the arrival of your car.

Do your car keys also have your house keys attached?

Remove all keys except your car key so that you still have access to everything else you need.

Remove any valuables from your car that you might need, for example, your phone, wallet/handbag; you’re not going to want to go without those for too long if your car is locked in a garage for a couple of days.

3. Call Granite Breakdown on 028 9002 9457.

Granite Breakdown is a division of CRASH Services.

When you call Granite Breakdown, they will ask you what you think or know is wrong with the car.

They’ll ask you if you can open your car (if the key isn’t working), and if any lights are coming on.

The Granite Breakdown team will ask you to check if there is fuel in the car and lastly; where your preferred garage is.

Thankfully, you’ll have completed step one and two already to help them determine the best type of recovery to send to you.

After you’ve made the call go back into your warm house and wait: they’ll be out as quickly as possible (usually within one hour).

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